Bacha Iced Coffee Glass in Clear


Bacha Iced Coffee Glass in Clear, 300ml/10 fl oz, Clear, Glass, ($65.00)

USD 65.00

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Bacha Coffee has created the ultimate collection for coffee connoisseurs. Used in our exclusive coffee rooms from Marrakech to Singapore, this collection is composed of essential accessories for the perfect coffee experience.

Based on an original mid-century modernist design, this exceptional pressed glass is still made from the same, unique mould that was crafted in the 1960s. Today, square shaped glasses are very rare and costly as the manufacturing process is very painstaking. These exceptional amber-hued glasses are one of a kind and in very limited supply.

Dishwasher safe.

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Bacha Iced Coffee Glass in Amber
300ml/10 fl oz

USD 65.00