Sultan Coffee Pot in Gold Plate


Sultan Coffee Pot in Gold Plate, 750ml/25 fl oz, Gold, Precious Metal, ($2825.00)

USD 2825.00

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This exceptional coffee pot is reminiscent of the 17th century dallah of the Middle East, characterized by a crescent-shaped spout, traditionally left open to showcase the coffee as it is poured. A sign of hospitality, generosity and wealth, the Sultan coffee pot is a celebration of fine craftsmanship.

Made contemporary by the addition of a whimsical rocking feature, the Sultan coffee pot is completely hand crafted and finished with 3 microns of gold plate to add a luxurious touch to your coffee table. A veritable work of art. Serves approximately 4 cups of coffee.Made of gold plated metal.

Use a soft cloth for cleaning. Only wash using water and neutral soap. Do not use harsh chemicals.

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