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Sigri Jewel Coffee Bag Gift Box

Coffee Bag Collection


12 bags x 12g/box
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Founded in 1950 in the lush Wahgi Valley, this harvest is one of the finest coffees in the world. Handpicked from the very best Arabica varietals such as Arusha and Typica, this coffee achieves its unique flavour because of careful selection of only the ripest red pearl berries, a bean that results from a natural anomaly whereby a single round bean grows inside the coffee fruit instead of the usual two beans. These special beans yield an intense cup with notes of dark chocolate and molasses.

Bacha Coffee offers exquisitely roasted single origin 100% Arabica coffees from every producing country in the world. These individually wrapped, single-serve drip coffee bags were specially conceived to allow the full aroma of each hand picked coffee to produce a perfectly balanced cup.

Preparation Method:

Step 1: Tear open the sachet from the slit at the top of right side.

Step 2: Gently open the filter bag by tearing along the perforation.

Step 3: Hook the paper clasps around your cup.

Step 4: Slowly pour water heated to 95°C over the coffee until you fill the cup.

Fits perfectly in our Bacha Heritage Coffee Mug.

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Coffee Properties

Papua New Guinea, Oceania

Flavour Profile:

Chocolate, Malty


Single Origin


Time of Day:



Medium dark