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Bacha Coffee was founded in Marrakech in 1910, and specialises in 100% Arabica coffees, providing customers with a unique opportunity to travel the world through their cup by exploring harvests from over 35 of the most well-reputed coffee producing countries. Even our distinctive fine blended, fine flavoured and naturally decaffeinated coffees are produced using only 100% Arabica beans to give coffee lovers the widest choice, without ever sacrificing quality or flavour.



The story of Bacha Coffee begins in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco. Built in 1910, the spectacular Dar el Bacha palace, which means “house of the Pasha”, united the greatest cultural and political minds of the century over glittering pots of “coffee of Arabia” or Arabica, as it is known today. Guests included the writer Colette, composer Maurice Ravel, filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, entertainer Josephine Baker, US president Franklin Roosevelt and UK prime minister Winston Churchill, to name a few.

A Time

After the Second World War, the palace was closed and became a time capsule, retaining some of the vestiges of a glamorous era within a building that was once awash with the colours and sounds of the surrounding medina — but had slowly fallen into a deep and enchanted sleep.



Awash with the colours, light and textures of Morocco, Dar el Bacha is the expression of the art of refined living.


Closed for over 60 years, this fine example of Moroccan craftsmanship has been awakened. Standing at the gates of the thousand-year-old medina of Marrakech, the makeover of the house of the Pasha was a feat not for the faint-hearted. After two years of painstaking restoration to bring back the sumptuous decor to its former glory, Dar el Bacha was reopened in late 2017 as the Museum of Cultural Confluences.


The restoration of this listed historic monument was a true feat and brought together numerous experts in their fields, from architects and historians to craftsmen of all trades, working together to preserve and revitalise this landmark.


To restore the courtyard and adjacent private rooms of this listed historic monument, Bacha Coffee brought together numerous experts in their fields. Architects, historians and craftsmen of all trades worked together to preserve and revitalise Bacha Coffee. This included the installation of the spectacular glass roof, the decoration of every room, and placement of every chair and table.



It was essential that it felt almost as if nothing had changed — as if time had stood still and the glamour of the Golden Age was still upon us.


Nestled within the patios of this fine museum, the Bacha Coffee Room & Boutique was reborn, developed with the same respectful attention to the property’s history, incorporating the same precious materials and detailed craftsmanship.


Bacha Coffee is not just another coffee. It is another world.



In 2019, Bacha Coffee reopened its original location in Marrakech and has since quickly grown into a global brand, with international coffee rooms and boutiques in Europe and Asia. Today, Bacha Coffee continues to attract today’s philosophers, musicians, politicians, artists, and film stars, as well as a new generation of coffee lovers who are discovering the magic of Bacha Coffee for themselves.