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Mount Everest Coffee Bag Gift Box

Coffee Bag Collection


12 bags x 12g/box
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Ujjal Rana, the charismatic owner of the Mount Everest Supreme farm, started a project to grow coffee on 70 hectares of what used to be an almost desert-like rice farm. Today, it looks more like a jungle, with shade trees growing amongst the coffee plants. The predominantly Caturra coffee bushes have taken on the essence of the mountain foothill’s soils and benefit from the climate to deliver a depth and diversity of flavour that is impossible to source anywhere else.

Bacha Coffee offers exquisitely roasted single origin 100% Arabica coffees from every producing country in the world. These individually wrapped, single-serve drip coffee bags were specially conceived to allow the full aroma of each hand picked coffee to produce a perfectly balanced cup.

Preparation Method:

Step 1: Tear open the sachet from the slit at the top of right side.

Step 2: Gently open the filter bag by tearing along the perforation.

Step 3: Hook the paper clasps around your cup.

Step 4: Slowly pour water heated to 95°C over the coffee until you fill the cup.

Fits perfectly in our Bacha Heritage Coffee Mug.

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Coffee Properties

Nepal, Asia

Flavour Profile:

Fruity, Nutty


Single Origin


Time of Day:



Medium dark