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How to Keep Your Bacha Coffee Fresh

Written by Bacha Coffee | 15 May 2023
|3 mins | Coffee Preparation
Tips on how to store your coffee to retain its freshness with our Majorelle and Autograph Canisters.

While coffee beans are shelf stable and do not expire, they may not remain fresh forever. When fresh and quality coffee is stored well, it will result in a cup of coffee that tastes great. 

Top tips on how to keep coffee fresh for longer:

1. Avoid exposure to sunlight – store in an opaque container and avoid glass containers. 

2. Avoid exposure to air, particularly oxygen – make sure your container is airtight. 

3. Avoid exposure to moisture and humidity – store your coffee somewhere cool and dry, in a cupboard for example. 

4. Limit temperature fluctuations – avoid heat and steam. 

Generally, to keep your coffee fresh and flavourful, and to prevent it from going stale, it is best to store your coffee in an airtight container in a dark, dry and cool space. Avoid glass containers, keep your coffee away from windows and definitely keep your coffee away from around or above the stove.

Storing ground coffee 

When coffee is exposed to oxygen it will begin to oxidize and slowly lose its flavour, a process that begins the moment you grind your coffee. This is why many people choose to grind their beans directly before brewing their coffee, to help delay this inevitability. Though if you do not possess a grinder at home, or simply prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee, your coffee can certainly still last a long time. In an unopened sachet, ground coffee will last several years. Once you open a sachet of ground coffee, the flavour will begin to dissipate after two weeks.  

Humidity dramatically affects ground coffee, which leads to rapid deterioration. To keep your ground coffee fresh for longer, try to remove as much air as possible from the bag or the sachet and double seal it in a vacuum sealed container. 

Storing coffee in the freezer 

We often hear of storing coffee in the freezer as one way of keeping your coffee fresh for longer. While this is indeed an option, it is not ideal for periods longer than a couple of weeks. If you do not utilize an airtight container, your coffee will begin to absorb the aromas in the freezer and the taste will be affected. Condensation may also form on frozen coffee, leading to freezer burn, similar to that seen in other foods left too long in the freezer. 

In conclusion 

While coffee beans do not expire, they do react to air, light and humidity. Grinding coffee at home will help extend its period of optimal freshness, though simply by storing either ground coffee or whole beans responsibly you can enjoy great coffee every day. Our Majorelle and Autograph Canisters are specially designed to protect your coffee from these damaging elements and ensure you have the ultimate coffee experience for as long as possible.  

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