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Travel to The Dar el Bacha Palace

Written by Bacha Coffee | 10 May 2023
|3 mins | Bacha Coffee
The world’s most beautiful historic cafes include this sleeping beauty in Marrakech.

Today’s coffee enthusiasts can step into any Bacha Coffee Room and still experience the essence of Morocco’s legendary, coffee culture. Discover the magic of our very first coffee room. 

Imagine it is 1910 and you are in Marrakech. There’s one place you must visit — the spellbinding Dar el Bacha palace. Its name means “House of the Pasha” and the interior decor reflects the lavish tastes of an aristocratic Pasha, or ruler. The rooms are decorated with carved and painted cedar wood ceilings, black and white chequered marble flooring, and some of the country’s finest zellige mosaics.

The effect is so splendid that Dar el Bacha quickly becomes a must-visit for the most famous celebrities of the early 20th century. UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin Roosevelt, celebrated artists Charlie Chaplin, and Josephine Baker – everyone glamorous and influential meets here to chat over the finest “Coffees of Arabia” or Arabica coffees.

Although the world may have since changed, you can still enjoy the romance of this bygone era whenever you visit a Bacha Coffee Room. Take a moment to look around you. From plush velvet chairs to elegant brass chandeliers and staff dressed in crisp white uniforms, the luxurious architecture is inspired by Dar el Bacha, and makes you feel like you have been transported to a pre-war palace. The ambiance is only enhanced by the delightful aroma of 100 percent Arabica coffee.


Try these three ways to experience the elegance of Dar el Bacha today, at Bacha Coffee Rooms:

1. Order a pot of coffee

Personalise your coffee experience with recommendations suited to your taste. Simply ask for some assistance. The friendly Bacha Coffee team is happy to oblige. Enjoy your coffee as you wish by adding freshly ground vanilla beans, or Bacha Coffee’s signature whipped chantilly cream. With ground vanilla beans, the fragrance of your coffee is further enhanced, while chantilly cream adds an unparalleled depth of sweet smoothness.

2. Indulge in a signature sweet

The cuisine — both savoury and sweet — at Bacha Coffee Rooms is elegantly inspired by coffee. The range of house baked goods offers the perfect complement to the coffee list.      

Choose from an assortment of house-made croissants including the classic Butter Croissant, the rich and decadent 1910 Coffee & Chocolate Croissant, or a fruity option with either the Raspberry & Cinnamon Croissant or the Orange Almond Croissant.

3. Here’s a little secret about the Bacha Coffee gooseneck coffee pots available for purchase.

Our over 200 hand roasted single origin, fine blended, fine flavoured, and naturally decaffeinated coffees are best enjoyed using our gooseneck coffee pots. It boasts a traditional silhouette with the modern enhancement of double-walled vacuum technology. The Bacha Coffee Pot in Gold keeps your coffee hot for longer without having to worry about burning fingers or table tops. It is wrapped in gold PVD coating to protect its opulent lustre.

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