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Finding the Perfect Coffee Grind

Written by Bacha Coffee | 22 October 2020
|3 mins | Coffee Preparation
Why the size of your ground coffee matters?

There is a science to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Aside from using great quality beans, other factors come into play. These include:

1) the ratio of water to coffee,  
2) the coffee roast,
3) the water temperature,
4) the coffee filter,
and 5) the coffee grind size.

One of the most common mistakes a coffee rookie makes is overlooking the size of the coffee grind.

The importance of the grind

While there are many ways to brew your coffee cup, matching the right coffee grind to your preferred brewing method will help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

The size of your coffee grind determines the flow rate and the contact time that the water has with your coffee – two factors that play a significant role in extracting the flavours of your coffee. 

Flow rate refers to how quickly or slowly water travels through your grinds, while contact time refers to how long the water is in contact with your coffee.

A general rule of thumb 

If your brew method requires only a short contact time, a finer grind allows water to quickly extract the flavours. This applies to espresso and pour overs. 

French press and cotton filters require a coarser grind, as these brewing methods take more time.

Using the wrong coffee grind size may cause your coffee flavours to be under extracted or over extracted. 

Under extraction is caused by high flow rate and low contact time. This results in thin, sour and acidic tasting coffee. However, low flow rate and high contact time may over extract your coffee, making it taste bitter and unpleasant.

Which grind size should you use?

Bacha Coffee offers a grind to match every specific coffee preparation method. Identifying the perfect grind will take you one step further to perfecting the taste and consistency of your brew.

Coarse grind
Ideal for: French press, Cotton filter 
Texture: Distinct, chunky, similar to ground peppercorns

Medium grind

Ideal for: Paper filter 
Texture: Gritty texture similar to coarse sand

Medium Fine grind
Ideal for: Metal filter 
Texture: Slightly smoother and finer than table salt

Fine grind
Ideal for: Espresso 
Texture: Similar in size and feel to white sugar

Extra fine grind
Ideal for: Turkish coffee
Texture: Similar to icing sugar or flour


If you find your coffee unpleasantly sour, it means your coffee is under extracted and the coffee grinds are too coarse. If you notice that your coffee tastes too bitter, the coffee grinds are too fine.

Knowing which grind to use is crucial to getting the best possible cup. It isn’t essential to have a coffee grinder at home. Bacha Coffee’s loose beans are freshly and consistently ground only upon your request. 

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