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Get to Know Your Cup of Coffee

Written by Bacha Coffee | 15 October 2020
|3 mins | Coffee Culture
How to describe your coffee like a pro.

Sometimes you find yourself needing a strong, robust coffee for a much-needed caffeine kick. Other times, you may want a lighter, fruity brew to end your meal with.

Understanding these three key factors of your favourite cuppa will help you better identify your own coffee palate. Whatever it may be, we’re here to help you work it out.

What it is: Coffee has a wide spectrum of flavour characteristics. Aside from a coffee’s variety and origin, the roasting process gives a coffee its unique flavour. Here, we’re referring to the flavour of the coffee bean itself and not flavoured coffees.

Words to use: Coffee flavours may range from sweet and fruity, nutty and chocolatey, to spicy, burnt, and even winey notes.

What kind of flavours do you like?

Try our coffee recommender to find out the perfect coffee for you.


Being able to describe what you like will help our coffee masters or your regular barista suggest the best coffee for you. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s about figuring out what tickles your taste buds the most.


What it is: The fresh and bright characteristic of any coffee. Acidity gives coffees a certain complexity and depth. It is influenced by the environment the coffee is grown in, as well as its roasting process. The darker the roast, the less acidic it will taste.

Words to use: Subtleties of a coffee’s acidity contribute to a well balanced cup. It may range from lemony, limey, green apple, grape-like to fruity.

Each person’s coffee palate differs. How do you like acidity in your coffee? And what type of acidity do you prefer?

Try these to discover different levels of acidity:

What it is: Coffee intensity is determined by its body, richness of the flavour, and the strength of aroma. It has nothing to do with the amount of caffeine in your cup.

Words to use: A coffee's intensity may be distinguished by its light body with subtle flavours or by its full body with rich flavours and aroma.

Do you like your coffee light or strong? 

Try these to discover a full range of coffee intensities:

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