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What's so Special about Coffee Blossom Honey

Written by Bacha Coffee | 29 January 2022
|3 mins | Coffee Culture
Tips for enjoying raw, unprocessed honey from the nectar of coffee plants.


Bees play an important role in the ecosystem of a coffee plantation. While Arabica coffee plants are self-pollinating (Bacha Coffee specialises in 100% Arabica coffees), several studies have shown that bees can help increase crop yield as well as improve crop quality. They are essential to quality coffee cultivation.

Coffee blossom honey is derived from the nectar that bees gather from coffee plant flowers. The flavour and colour of honey vary depending on the nectar that is collected.

What makes our honey special?

Bacha Coffee’s exceptional coffee blossom honey is produced by apiaries within 1 km of the coffee plants. The harvest occurs immediately after the blossoms fall.

How do they taste?

The taste of the honey gathered from each coffee plantation is distinctive.

The honey from La Libertad, Guatemala, offers a complex, crystallised profile with a wild floral and citrus aroma. Flavours of red apple, kiwi and jasmine are followed by distinguished notes of warm cinnamon and sweet lemonade.

Honey from Cuchumatan, Guatemala, exhibits a well-balanced body with a warm vanilla aroma. Delightful flavours of peach, chamomile, caramel, and orange are rounded off by a delicate lavender finish.

While honey from Zaculeu, Guatemala, boasts a velvety body with a ripe peach aroma complemented by notes of tropical fruits, apricot, orange blossom and ripe pear.


How to best enjoy Coffee Blossom Honey

1. Have it with pastries - We serve it with croissants, brioche and coffee cakes along with a side of Chantilly cream in our Coffee Rooms. Or include it on your charcuterie board alongside cured meats, and a mixture of hard and soft cheeses.

2. Add it to your favourite baking recipes - Honey is hygroscopic. This means that it readily sucks in moisture. It can help keep cakes extra moist.

3. Add it to your hot coffee - Enjoy your coffee with a natural sweetener that offers health benefits.

Fun Fact

Both the honey and nectar from coffee blossoms contain trace amounts of caffeine. At least one study suggests that this caffeine helps bees to return to the same plants again and again until all of the nectar is collected.

Enjoy the unique flavour profiles of the honey from different plantations in Guatemala with your own Coffee Blossom Honey Assortment from Bacha Coffee.


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