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How to Make Good Coffee: Using the Parisian Press (also known as a French Press)

Written by Bacha Coffee | 03 January 2022
|3 mins | Coffee Preparation
How and when to use a Parisian Press to brew your coffee.

What a Parisian Press (also known as a French Press) is:

The Parisian Press, invented in France in the mid-1800s, consists of a beaker and a metal mesh filter that is plunged to the base of the beaker once brewing is complete. It is also referred to as the coffee plunger or coffee press, and cafetière among other names.

Why use a Parisian Press for your brew?

This method of coffee preparation retains all the flavours of the coffee bean. It produces a well-rounded brew with milder/softer acidity. It is also well suited to preparing all types of coffee.

How it works:

In a Parisian Press, coffee grounds are steeped in hot water in a beaker. This process of steeping coffee and water together for an extended time is called immersion brewing. Immersion brewing immerses coffee in the water. In contrast, drip brewing passes the water through the coffee grounds.

Once the coffee is adequately steeped, the metal mesh filter is pressed to the bottom of the beaker. This separates the coffee grounds from the liquid coffee you will drink. The metal filter allows the natural oils found in coffee as well as fine particles to pass through it. This gives the coffee a thick body.

How to use a Parisian Press:

Step 1: Add 12 grams of coarsely ground coffee to the bottom of the beaker. When ordering your coffee at Bacha Coffee, you can ask to have your beans ground for use in the Parisian Press.

Step 2: Pour around 180ml of hot, but not boiling, water. Read more here about the ideal water temperature for optimal extraction.

Step 3: Gently swirl the hot water to fully saturate the grounds at the bottom of the beaker. This is called the bloom stage of coffee preparation. It helps to release carbon dioxide which enhances the flavour of your brewed coffee.

Step 4: Cover with the lid and leave the mixture to steep for approximately 4 minutes.

Step 5: Press the plunger down slowly to push the coffee grounds to the bottom of the beaker. Keeping the plunger in this position, pour your freshly brewed coffee into cups immediately — and enjoy!


Embark on your Parisian Press journey with Bacha Coffee

Bacha Coffee’s Parisian Press Coffee Pot comes in two different sizes and colours. Each is made with a dishwasher safe glass beaker, a reusable stainless steel metal filter and lid. Replacement parts are also available for purchase.

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