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Bacha Coffee: The Art of Gift Giving

Written by Bacha Coffee | 03 November 2022
|5 mins | Bacha Coffee
Discover a new magic to gift giving.


For it is in the giving that we receive.

The Act

It is an integral part of humanity; an act as ancient as mankind itself. Whether giving or receiving, the experience of a gift is enthralling. From the anticipation of what lies beneath the neatly folded, gleaming gift wrap to the bubbling excitement of the grand reveal, the unveiling of something unexpected feels invigorating, and regular gift givers know that the pleasure it bestows upon a loved one is unquestionably contagious.

The right gift holds many untold powers; making emotional connections, strengthening relationships, lifting spirits or conveying a message that words may not be able to fully capture. Yet despite this age-old practice being threaded into the very fabric of society and observed across all nations, cultures and religions, many of us continue to struggle with the pressure of finding the perfect gift for those we love. 

We often forget that giving is less about the gift itself and more on how it is chosen. Whether for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary or simply because, the objective remains the same — to make the receiver feel special.

So, when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a coffee lover, how do you choose something that will achieve exactly that? Coffee would undoubtedly be an appreciated and successful option, an easy win so to speak. However, with so many coffees to choose from, the opportunity presents itself to go above and beyond. By choosing something that speaks to the person’s essential self, you can turn a seemingly simple gesture into something meaningful.

Finding Inspiration

Let inspiration spark from the recipient’s unique interests, their travel tales, or any memories you hold together. At Bacha Coffee, we proudly offer a collection of more than 200 meticulously sourced 100% Arabica coffees, from all corners of the world, giving you ample opportunity to find something that shows you have invested both time and thought into its very selection.

Whether it’s Sweet Mexico for the one who spent their gap year in Oaxaca, Java Blue for the happy couple who honeymooned in Indonesia, or Monsoon Secret for an old friend with whom you once embarked upon a transcendent trip to India, shared memories — big or small — offer a wealth of opportunities just waiting to be explored.  

Alternatively, instead of sourcing the very thing they are passionate about, consider a gift that complements their passion instead. So rather than a refresh of their coffee supplies, you could reach for an elegant bone China mug from which they can enjoy their morning brew, or an Arabica-scented candle to perfume their home with the comforting fragrance of fresh coffee outside of their usual breaks.

Even if you do not know someone that intimately, there are still ways to show that you have carefully considered your gift. Focus on their routine or any upcoming milestones. For the colleague that is expecting, a CO2 naturally decaffeinated coffee would be a thoughtful and appropriate choice. For the niece who is steadfast on a personal journey towards sustainability, a Parisian Press would be a supportive and impressive option that would surely not go to waste. For the acquaintance that is in the process of renovating their house, a decorative Coffee Canister could add some welcome flair to the soon-to-be kitchen of their dreams.

Finally, you can consider their interests. If you are buying for someone with an affinity for entertaining guests, our Coffee Pot in Gold would make for a beautiful — yet functional — centrepiece. If they are an art aficionado, La Conica Espresso Pot would be a showstopping option that seamlessly merges this passion into their every day. The possibilities are endless, and therein lies the joy.


The Finishing Touches

Once the perfect present has been found, true gifting masters know that it is not complete without the finishing touches. At Bacha Coffee, we believe that each gift should be as brilliant on the outside as the treasure it conceals within. For this very reason, we offer complimentary gifting services using our iconic saffron-coloured wrapping paper finished with a signature blue Bacha ribbon. You may even add a personalised touch to your purchase with a message from the heart, with your words carefully hand-written by our dedicated team on the finest quality gift card.

No matter where your loved one lives, even at a faraway land, we offer free international delivery with DHL Express to ensure your well wishes are mailed with equal care to the thought behind the entire expedition. Invoices are emailed directly to you to not deter from the overall experience, and orders are shipped in special Bacha-branded delivery parcels, filled to the brim with luxury rice paper and thoughtfully sprinkled with small decorative details to make a magical moment even more memorable.

The Achievement

Whichever path you choose, remember the objective: to make the receiver feel special. So, revel in the process — happy moments are to be celebrated, not fretted over. No matter what you decide upon, as long as the intention is good it is an instant success. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. 


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